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Generally, white collar crimes are financially motivated offenses occurring in the business or government sectors. Typically, they are non-violent offenses involving schemes to defraud that result in financial injury to individuals and companies. Historically, white collar crimes have not received the scrutiny that violent crimes and drug distribution offenses received.  But that is no longer the case.

San Jose based white collar crimes lawyer, Guyton Jinkerson, has represented numerous individuals and entities suspected of unlawful conduct in state and federal courts.  With more than fifty years of experience, he is well prepared to accept the challenge of defending high profile prosecutions.

If you need legal representation in Santa Clara County, reach out to San Jose based white collar crimes lawyer Guyton Jinkerson.

If you need legal representation in Santa Clara County, reach out to San Jose white collar crimes lawyer Guyton Jinkerson by calling (408) 317-0571 today.

Cases Guyton Jinkerson Handles

White collar crimes can fall under state or federal jurisdiction. Therefore, you need a lawyer representing you who knows how to navigate the different courts a case can be tried in. Guyton Jinkerson is prepared to represent you based on his years of experience which started in the 1970s with the IBM trade secrets case in Santa Clara County Superior Court and the Equity Funding securities fraud case in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

Guyton Jinkerson provides counsel for an array of white collar crimes:

The defense of white collar crimes often involves reviewing and analyzing tens of thousands of documents and electronic data. Guyton Jinkerson has decades of experience in successfully representing individuals and entities accused of a myriad of business and financial crimes.

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Although white collar crimes are not violent in nature, they do carry heavy penalties, such as terms of imprisonment and high fines. With aggressive defense on your side, you can pursue a favorable outcome, like dropped charges, case dismissal, or a not guilty verdict. Guyton Jinkerson is here to vigorously defend you.

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