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Criminal Defense Lawyer located in san jose

Whether you have been accused of a state or federal crime, you need a lawyer who will relentlessly protect your rights and present an aggressive defense. Guyton Jinkerson is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in California.  He serves a diverse community of individuals, doctors, lawyers, corporate officers, and businesses. Since he has a proven record in the trial courts as well as the appellate courts, he has the skills to attain the result you deserve.

Guyton Jinkerson will fully advise you as to the facts and the law pertaining to the allegations presented against you. He will explore all options to extricate you from the anguish of being exposed to the harshness of the criminal law process. You will find comfort in the experience, dedication, and empathy that he will provide you throughout the duration of your case.

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Providing Defense for clients throughout northern california

San Jose criminal defense attorney Guyton Jinkerson handles various white collar crime matters, including insider trading, computer crimes, embezzlement, environmental crimes, regulatory violations, securities violations, trade secrets theft as well as intellectual property theft, medicare and, medical fraud, bid rigging and kickbacks, money laundering, possession of child pornography, identity theft, antitrust violations, tax fraud and evasion. He has represented individuals and entities throughout Santa Clara County and has relentlessly pursued the best possible results. Invigorated by a challenge and motivated to find innovative solutions for my clients, He has picked up cases when others had given up on them. Regardless of how complex you believe your case is, he will not give up. He will persevere and work tirelessly to protect your reputation, rights, and future. Backed by over 50 years of experience and with exceptional litigation and negotiation skills, he will fight your charge in and out of court.

Criminal Defense Attorney located in san jose 

Providing the One-on-One Attention You Need

Guyton Jinkerson genuinely cares about the people he serves. He knows what a criminal accusation, charge, or conviction can do to someone’s future. He also knows that good people can make mistakes or be falsely accused of a crime. That is why he delivers personalized representation to each of his clients. He wants to know not just the charge you are facing but also who you are as a person. Creating a space where you feel comfortable having an open and honest conversation about your situation, Guyton Jinkerson will get your side of the story and determine how to ensure that your voice is heard through every stage of your case. He'll be your zealous advocate in and out of court.

Delivering Sound Advice and Guidance

Criminal matters are complex. Various laws may pertain to the case, and certain rules must be followed when seeking a resolution. A lot is at stake, and failing to understand the nuances can result in adverse consequences that could have been avoided. For this reason, handling your case without the help of an experienced lawyer is inadvisable. Criminal defense lawyer Guyton Jinkerson can help navigate your case. He will take care of the legalities and develop a customized defense for your situation. Thorough preparation is vital in these matters, and he will research relevant case law, analyze the evidence, identify law enforcement misconduct, and uncover weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case to pursue optimal results for my clients. Guyton Jinkerson is dedicated to seeking justice for those accused of crimes.


  • Mr. Jinkerson is a true professional and the legal community is fortunate to have him.

    “Mr. Jinkerson is a superb lawyer. He represented our health care corporation in a difficult case that required intense negotiation with a government regulatory agency.”

  • Excellent Trial Lawyer.

    “Mr. Jinkerson is a very experienced lawyer - an excellent trial lawyer. He has always followed through; he is easy to work with and virtually always has a solution for any problem. He is the most prompt lawyer I have ever known.”

  • Very Honest Advice.

    “I called him for a consultation on my case and after a lengthily discussion he gave me a very honest advise what to do and also, he knew I did not have money but still told me to call him if I need his advise.”

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